“Micro- and nanosystems in the FP7/2007 call”

Bucharest, 23-25 May 2007


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with the support of the European Commission and participation of

Microsystems as a platform for integrating micro/nano/biotechnologies, Bucharest, 23-25 May 2007

This three-day event has three distinct parts. For the first two the contribution of MINOS-EURONET project is essential.

23rd of May - Open technology day, at IMT-Bucharest; Organizers:/ IMT-Bucharest; 4 M (NoE/FP6); Rhein-Main MST Network. The “open technology day” will facilitate direct contacts for future partnership, as well as a debate on key issues related to the access to high-tech.

24th of May - Info-and brokerage event related to the “Micro- and nanosystems” call FP7/ICT/2007, at Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bucharest. Organizers: MINOS-EURONET project with the support of the European Commission.

The pattern of a MINOS brokerage event has been established by the successful meeting taking place on 22-23 March 2007, related to the first call in FP7 (see the full information presented on this occasion on www.minos-euro.net/brokerage.

The main characteristics of such an event are:

1. providing authoritative information from the European Commission, as well as sharing the experience of European Technological Platforms, successful projects in FP6 etc. In our case, the Head of unit "Micro- nanosystems" will deliver the keynote speech.

2. maximizing the interaction between participants, through short oral presentations, display of posters, room for meetings focused on certain proposals/expressions of interest. In this event, the central part from this point of view is session 2, concentrating 5 presentations of FP6 success stories related to the micro-nano-bio domain.

3. supporting extensive on-line brokerage before and after event, with advanced features, allowing easing searching and circulation of information (including a link to Cordis proposal). In our case, fresh info obtained on the occasion of this event will be delivered on the occasion of the event organized by the Commission in Brussels, on 29th of May 2009.

The new MINOS-EURONET info- and brokerage event, taking place on 23-25 May, in Bucharest, Romania (see http://www.minos-euro.net/23-25may2007/index.htm) is basically devoted to the “micro- and nanosystems” call in FP7 (to be launched in May). The topics are already known and they will be become official before the meeting, therefore an early brokerage event can be extremely useful for nucleating consortia which will prepare proposals.

Other attractive features are: the registration is free or charge, moreover the printing and hanging of posters (using a certain template) can be done by the organizers (free of charge for participants from new EU member states); the brokerage is preceded by scientific presentations delivered by researchers carrying on existing projects in the same field; the local organizing team is providing assistance for hotel booking and local transportation.

25 May 2007 - Symposium “Nano in Giga in Europe: Communicating at the global level”, at the Romanian Academy (Main Aula of the Library). Organizers: National Institute R & D in Microtechnologies (Bucharest); National Institute R & D in Physics of Materials (Bucharest); Nano & Giga Solutions Inc., USA. The programme will be presented later.

If interested, please register as soon as possible at http://www.minos-euro.net/23-25may2007/registration_free.htm. For further details: minos@nano-link.net.


MINOS Databases for matching partners for proposals devoted to FP7/2007 call related to "Micro- and nanosystems". Details.


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