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This web page is devoted to brokerage (facilitating matching of partners). The thematic area is structured by FP7/2007 calls. We are using the so-called "MINOS selection" (taken from NMP, ICT and Health themes). This selection is related to micro/nano/biotechnologies but advanced materials are also included. The MINOS selection from FP7/calls is available here.

The brokerage can be "face-to-face" or "on-line" (using Internet).

Extensive on-line brokerage is provided by using databases for partner matching. You can skip the present page going directly to the input of these databases (accessible here). These databases contain synthetic profiles of research groups, companies etc. and their expression to interest related to specific topics (calls). An advanced search mechanism gives easy access to all information, but in order to in use it, one has to introduce his/her own profile.

1. You will find both a simple logic scheme explaining the use of the above databases for partner matching and samples from databases (the most recent information).
2. A more detailed profile (including diagrams, photos etc.) and/or a proposal related to a certain topic from FP7, in a poster format (file up to 10 MB), can be uploaded and then accessible on this web page.

SIMPLE REGISTRATION. The page described above is password-protected. Anyone can have access, but first a registration is necessary. It will take less than a minute. You will receive the password immediately and then the protected (Extranet) page will be available.

If you already have a password, enter here.
To get access for the first time, register here.

Forgot password? Write to the webmaster, here. Please be aware of the fact that multiple registrations will be deleted from time to time, leaving the most recent one.

About MINOS. MINOS, or in full MINOS-EURONET (www.minos-euro.net) is a project financed by EU (2005-2008). Other projects are also involved, under the umbrella of the nanoLINK initiative. The web-page www.nano-link.net is hosting the above mentioned databases for partner matching (links are provided from the present page).

The above event will be preceded and followed by on-line brokerage. Register here, even if you do not have the intention to go to the above event. The on-line brokerage can be useful by itself. On the other hand, the same electronic platform may be used for other brokerage events, too, provided that the topics (calls) are covered. A search mechanism will provide to you the relevant information in a matter of seconds ! This mechanism is already operating, you have to register (see below) and you will find immediately relevant samples of information.

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