High technologies, innovation policy and regional development”

First MINOS-EURONET  Strategy Forum
on the impact of converging technologies

18-19 May, 2006
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, Bucharest











Visit of the foreign participants at the MINOS-EURONET Forum in IMT-Bucharest

On 19th of May, 2006, the majority of foreign participants to the MINOS Forum visited the National R&D Institute for Microtechnology.
The visitors have been from the: European Commission (2), Austria (3); Bulgaria (1); Czech Republic (1); Finland (1); Holland (1); Lithuania (1); Poland (2); Slovakia (2); Spain (3); Turkey (2); United Kingdom (2).

Visit of the participants at the MINOS Forum in the new clean room of IMT-Bucharest

Presenting the new SEM+EBL equipment (nanolithography with electron beam).

Visit of Prof. Valentinas Snitka (Lithuania) in the Laboratory of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).

Visit of the representatives of the European Commission in the exhibition hall.

Visit of foreign participants in the meeting room of the MINATECH-RO science and technology park.