KBBE-2008-3-2-03: Nanobiotechnology based biosensors for optimised bioprocesses
Call: FP7-KBBE-2008-2B
Industrial biochemical process design will greatly benefit from the development of specific on-line nanobiosensors applicable in the industrial environment. The purpose of this research collaborative project is to develop high through-put nanobiosensors for the on-line monitoring of nutrients and metabolites in culture systems and process streams. The nanobiosensors should be tailored and applicable to relevant biocatalytic processes in industrial environment. The nanodevices have to be developed for chemical and biochemical analyses, including molecular and cellular detection and monitoring using optical and/or electrochemical detection systems. The research should include a quantitative analysis of the economic/market viability of such sensors and compare them to existing biosensors.
Funding scheme: Small Collaborative Project
Expected impact: On-line monitoring of nutrients and metabolites in cultivation systems and processes streams going well beyond the state of the art. Substantial innovation in Industrial biotechnology biocatalytic process design.