KBBE-2008-3-2-04: Novel nanobiotechnology (bio to nano) processes and products
Call: FP7-KBBE-2008-2B
The field of nanobiotechnology is an extremely rapidly growing research area which is introducing new concepts and high added value products. Nanobio scientific and technical challenges are large and require an interdisciplinary (convergent) approach. In order to support its coherent development at the European level immediate and sustained actions involving the main European expertise are needed. The objective of this support action is to screen the most promising short and long term nanobiotechnology "bio to nano" based products and industrial processes (excluding nanomedicine applications). It will also provide evidence for the long-term interdisciplinary research activities/actions needed to generate new knowledge as well as the actors to be involved.
Nanobiotechnology related safety, environment and ethical aspects should be also considered.
The strengths and weaknesses of EU research with respect to the international scene throughout the "bio to nano" technology area should be analysed and European potential flagship projects identified. This support action should build on the experience of the recent European activities examining capacity building in nanobiotechnology (theme 4 - nanosciences).
Funding scheme: Coordination and Support Action (Support action)
Additional information: In order to ensure industrial relevance and impact of this action, the active participation of the main European actors and stakeholders in this area will represent an added value to the activities and this will be reflected in the evaluation.
Expected impact: Support the development of new nanobiotechnology-based products and industrial processes by identifying key bottlenecks to generate knowledge that will enable manipulation of biological entities at nanoscale.