NMP-2008-1.1-1 Converging sciences and technologies (nano, bio, info and/or cogni)
Technical content/scope: Convergence between nano-, bio-, information and/or cognitive sciences and technologies is extremely promising for substantial innovation in novel beneficial products/services and to give impetus to the competitiveness and profitability of a wide range of European industrial activities. Such interdisciplinary approach presents, however, a great challenge in many respects. The expected projects should enhance understanding and advance as much as possible in the design and construction of new components, devices, systems or products/services with expected benefits such as improving quality of life, safety, security, industrial processes, and/or the machine /operator interface. Projects should address interaction and convergence between physics, chemistry and/or biology, and cognitive, nano-, bio- and/or information sciences and technologies. The expected projects can include modelling, where appropriate. A non binding or limiting example is the development of knowledge leading to, the creation of new types of nanotransducers, nanobiosensors including isolated sensors, robotics developed at nanometre level or bio-NEMS, technologies for compensating or alleviating the effect of human disabilities including e.g. contactless brain-machine interfaces. Nano-dynamic systems can also be addressed by the proposed projects such as molecular motors or machines.
Funding scheme: Small or medium-scale focused research projects.
Special features: None
Expected impact: (i) Innovative scientific and technical research going well beyond the state of the art; (ii) development of new knowledge with a high prospect for potential applications; (iii) contribution to substantial innovations in the European industry; (iv) priority will be given to proposals having appropriate industrial partnership in order to achieve the targeted objectives.