NMP-2008-2.2-2 Nanostructured meta-materials
Technical content/scope: Metamaterials development has produced in recent years a new class of artificially structured composite materials that exhibit unforeseen electromagnetic properties, not readily observed in nature and in the constituent materials. These properties often arise from the inclusion of artificially fabricated inhomogeneities that have dimensions which depend on the wavelength of interest, e.g. nanometres for visible light applications. Research should consider the design and processing of artificial metamaterials, mimicking nature with higher efficiency or exhibiting radically new properties such as negative or extreme electric permittivity or magnetic permeability, and leading, for instance, to such features as negative refractive index, artificial chiral materials, significant reduction in losses, or enhancement of magnetic responses in composites made out of non-magnetic components. The focus should be on the realisation of optical, electronic or magnetic properties of metamaterials with inclusions in the nano and molecular scale, which could result in innovative collective responses at elevated frequencies.
Funding scheme: Small or medium scale focused collaborative projects.
Specific features: In order to ensure industrial relevance and impact of the research effort, the active participation of industrial partners represents an added value to the activities and this will be reflected in the evaluation.
Expected impact: Design and processing of novel materials expanding the existing range of electromagnetic properties, with potential new applications of interest for the optics, photonics, electronics, and telecommunications industries.