NMP-2008-2.3-1 Advanced implants and bioactive materials for critical organs
Technical content/scope: Medical therapies for human critical organs such as the heart, liver and pancreas are currently limited by the availability of adequate biomaterial implants, advanced devices and engineered tissues. The specific challenges for the different critical organs require diversified approaches in the case of cardiovascular, pancreatic and liver therapies. Research on heart implants and devices should focus on bioactive materials able to attract local cells to the site of injury and on new biomimetic materials for cardiac tissue and vascular replacement (e.g. myocardium, grafts, valves, stents). Biomaterials development is crucial for diabetes treatment and research is required on biomaterials for the delivery of bioengineered pancreatic cells and on strategies for artificial pancreas development. Research on biomaterials for liver diseases (e.g. cirrhosis, hepatitis) should focus on biomimetic materials for site specific cell therapy and on bioactive materials (e.g. membranes) for regeneration of hepatocytes.
Funding scheme: Small or medium scale focused collaborative projects.
Special features: In order to ensure industrial relevance and impact of the research effort, the active participation of industrial partners represents an added value to the activities and this will be reflected in the evaluation.
Expected impact: Advanced biomaterial implants could reduce the need for organ replacement, and could help accelerate the development of new therapies, eliminating the need for organ transplants and immunosuppresants altogether. Projects are expected to enhance the competitiveness of the biomaterials industry.