NMP-2008-2.4-2 Radical advances in the processing of multifunctional films and tapes
Technical content/scope: The development of advanced processes to produce high surface or long
length multifunctional organic and inorganic films and tapes has been hindered by the difficulty to monitor and control during processing the complex structure responsible for their properties. As an example, superconductivity technologies have not delivered their full potential due to a number of unsolved material critical issues, such as control of nanostructure for high current density, improvement of pinning properties, control of thermal and mechanical stability, etc. Research should target radical advances in optimized, high yield processing and production technologies that allow control of multifunctional materials at the nanoscale, to obtain in particular large area multifunctional organic or inorganic films, smart windows or long length coated superconducting wires and tapes, with improved performance at competitive costs. Conventional metallic tapes are excluded.
Funding scheme: Small or medium-scale focused research projects.
Special features: In order to ensure industrial relevance and impact of the research effort, the active participation of industrial partners represents an added value to the activities and this will be reflected in the evaluation.
Expected impact: Development of cost effective and high yield processes to produce multifunctional organic and inorganic films and tapes, e.g. for applications in the fields of energy distribution and storage, thin-film photovoltaics and smart windows.