NMP-2008-1.2-2 Nanotechnologies for water treatment
Technical content/scope: Nanotechnology presents many benefits for environmental technology applications, such as remediation, treatment or sensor development and monitoring purposes. In the field of water, nanotechnology has the potential to contribute to long-term water quality, availability, and viability of water resources such as through advance filtration that enables sustainable water reuse, recycling or desalination. The aim of this action is to support research and technological development in the field of water treatment by applying developed or adapted nanoengineered materials to promising separation, purification and/ or detoxification technologies.
Proposals should focus on process intensification aiming at improving selectivity, robustness, stability and performance while reducing energy requirements and by-product generation. Specific monitoring issues, as well as safety, environmental and health aspects, should be included if directly associated with the new technological solution proposed. Priority will be given to novel ideas and emerging technologies promising major advances and a large potential impact in the long-term, including cost-effectiveness.
Funding scheme: Collaborative projects (small or medium-scale focused research projects). The
requested Community contribution shall not exceed EUR 2.5 million.
Specific features: This topic is implemented via a joint call with Theme 6 – Environment (including Climate Change). See the call fiche in Section IV (call identifier FP7-ENV/NMP-2008- 2).
Expected impact: Development and uptake of innovative and cost-efficient water treatment technologies benefiting from progress and advances made in nano-sciences, materials and technologies. This initiative should deliver step-change advances in water treatment technologies, including validation and verification of arising prospects in terms of improving treatment performance and reducing energy requirements. By fostering the knowledge base in this area, the projects addressing this topic will contribute to strengthening European competitiveness in the water sector and the implementation of the Environmental Technologies Action Plan and the Nanotechnology Action Plan.