NMP-2008-2.2-1 Compound semiconductors for electronics and photonics
Technical content/scope: The semiconductor industry requires the development of new materials to meet the needs of, for example, rapid RF circuits, optical devices, data storage and energy saving solutions for lighting. Furthermore, nanotechnology-based approaches target the production of nanostructured materials required to make progress in the scaling-down of electronics and for photonic devices. Research should focus on novel compound semiconductors (e.g. III-V, II-VI, oxides), with an emphasis on application in nanostructured components. In particular, projects could address semiconductor surfaces with zones of different material on which nanostructures can be built, as well as the effect of the nanostructuring of the semiconductors on their optical, electronic (charge and spin) or conversion properties. Physical and chemical processes to be further developed also include epitaxial growth, soft (dry and wet) etching, functionalising by radicals, low temperature processes and new precursors. Modelling approaches, including validation, are also important for material design.
Funding scheme: Large scale integrating projects.
Special features: In order to ensure industrial relevance and impact of the research effort, the active participation of industrial partners represents an added value to the activities and this will be reflected in the evaluation and priority will be given to proposals showing a clear industrial leadership.
Expected impact: Novel semiconductors will bring the electronics, photonics, spintronics, optoelectronics, lighting and photovoltaic industries yet another step further in developing higher performance components and devices.