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Successful European Cooperation


AMICOM-Advanced MEMS for RF and Millimeter  Wave Communications - European Networks

Project NoE FP 6 - priority 2, IST
Prof. Roberto SORRENTINO University of Perugia, Perugia – Italy (sorrentino@eumwa.org)
Administrative coordinator:
Dr. Fabio COCCETTI CNRS-LAAS, Toulouse - France (Coccetti@laas.fr)


AMICOM is a FP6 Network of Excellence in RF-MEMS. 27 research teams from 14 countries (including Poland and Romania) are involved in this project.

The network of excellence is structured into four groups of activities:

1. Virtual Laboratory: web centric organization aiming to facilitate and enhance the use of shared resources (technology, design and modelling, and testing and characterization) and provide a network durable integration.

2. Joint RF-MEMS research activities: co-ordinate the available research efforts in order to optimise the use of resources toward key issues in the field:
- Material and fabrication technology
- Design modelling and simulation
- Testing and characterization
- Reliability and failure analysis
- Assembly and Packaging

This group of activity is completed with survey focusing on “Devices and component” and “Circuit and microsystems”.

3. Training and Dissemination: enforce a multidisciplinary RF-MEMS oriented education and increase public awareness

4. Exploiting RF-MEMS: bridging the available know-how in the field with the industrial present and future challenges

Dissemination actions in the AMICOM Project

2nd AMICOM Summer School, 28 September-1 October 2005, Sinaia, Romania was organized by FP6 NoE "Advanced MEMS for RF and Millimeter Wave Communications-AMICOM" (http://www.amicom.info) during three and a half days. The first day was dedicated to “Introduction in RF, for those from a processing background” and the second day to “Introduction to Processing, for those from an RF background”. The rest of the lectures were focused on RF MEMS and “Vision for the future”. 39 participants representing 18 partners from 10 countries were present. 19 tutorials given by 14 speakers were presented. 19 Ph D and Master Students were among the participants and 4 PhD student presentations were sustained. All participants received a “Certificate of attendance”.

  • The 5th edition of the MEMSWAVE workshop will be held at the Angstrom Laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden, 30th of June- 2nd of July, 2004. Web:  http://www-conference.slu.se/memswave/
  • Topics on RF MEMS. The first two MEMSWAVE workshops were held in Sinaia (Romania). Following the successful format of these two previous events, it has been decided to move this workshop outside Romania.
  • The AMICOM summer school on RF MEMS at Heraklion, 20th to 24th of September 2004.
  • Focussed session on reliability during the European Microwave Week 2004, 11th to 14th of October, in Amsterdam.
  • AMICOM Workshop during European Microwave Week, 11th to 14th of October, in Amsterdam.

New results in joint research activities:

The receiver module is based on a novel micromachined SiO2/Si3N4 membrane supported Yagi Uda antenna. The active element of the transmitting front end is a hybrid interconnected GaAs Schottky antiparallel diode pair chip.

Simulated conversion loss as a function
of the drive frequency
Experimental output power as a
function of the drive frequency

Contact Romania: Dr. Alexandru Muller
IMT-Bucharest, Romania; E-mail: alexm@imt.ro



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