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National Programmes and Initiatives


Elaboration of Romanian RDI Strategy 2007-2013 within the Framework of the National Foresight Exercise

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A consortium led by The National University Research Council (CNCSIS) and the Executive Agency for Higher Education and Research Funding (UEFISCSU), along with various 27 entities (universities, national research institutes, research centers, The Romanian Academy, SMEs etc.) is currently involved in carrying out a project aimed to design the Romanian RDI national strategy for the 2007-2013 time-horizon. It is worthwhile noting the unprecedented complexity and the novelty of this initiative as the elaboration of the domestic RDI strategy is seen as linked to the first-edition of a Foresight exercise in Romania. The sectorial project “The Elaboration of the National RDI Strategy 2007-2013, based on strategic planning” is financed by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research; it is broadly recognized as of vital importance for shaping a more-effective institutional structure of the Romanian research, development and innovation system.

As obviously seen from practice, the current ability of the Romanian RDI system to provide valuable output is poorly reflected in economic performance, in comparison to the European overall situation. Unfortunately, the dissipation of financial or even human, material, and logistic etc. resources has been accompanied by the absence of an integrated monitoring and evaluation system of the public investment in RDI. Nevertheless, Romania should be, at least, reactive to the EU social – economic policy trend, where the RDI field is a key element of the European development model in which both, knowledge and innovation represents one of the basic pillars of the Lisbon Strategy. Additionally, the EU accession supposed to happen in 2007 imposes the domestic authorities of the RDI system with the urge need to comply to specific European requirements.

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The official opening of the Romanian Office for Science and Technology to European
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