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Contact address:

Dr. Marius Bazu
National Institute of Microtechnology – IMT
P.O.Box 38-160, Bucharest, Romania

tel.: + 40-21-490.82.12, fax: +40-21-490.82.38

e-mail: mbazu@imt.ro, mariusbazu@yahoo.com.

Dr. Marius Bazu received the B.E. and PhD. degrees from the University Politechnica Bucharest, Romania. He is currently the Head of Reliability Laboratory and Senior Research Scientist in the National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechologies (IMT), Bucharest, Romania. In the past, he was involved in the design of devices and in semiconductor physics. Now, his recent research interests include methods for building, assessment & prediction of reliability. He developed in Romania the accelerated reliability tests, building-in reliability and concurrent engineering approaches. Scientific Director of IMT-Bucharest (January 2000 - April 2003), also Secretary (2001-2003) and Vice-President of the Scientific Council of IMT-Bucharest (since 2003). Coordinator of more than 40 national projects, including two Romanian networks on nanotechnologies with 10-12 participants (2001-2005). Leader of an european project (Phare/TTQM) on a building-in reliability technology (1997-1999) and chair of the Reliability Cluster of NoE “Patent-DfMM” (FP6/IST), project initiated in January 2004. Author or co-author of more than 100 scientific papers and contributions to conferences. Book published by Springer Verlag in 1999 (“Reliability of electronic components”). Referent of the journals IEEE Transactions on Reliability and IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging. Recipient of the AGIR (General Association of Romanian Enegineers) Award for year 2000

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