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Contact address:

Dr. Marta Rencz
Technical University of Budapest
1521 Budapest, Goldmann ter 3, Hungary

tel.: + 36 1 463 2727; fax: + 36 1 463 2973

e-mail: rencz@eet.bme.hu, rencz@computer.org, rencz@micred.co

Dr. Márta Rencz received the Ph.D Degree in Microelectronics, from the Technical University of Budapest (TUB), and the Dr Sci degree of the Hungarian Academy of Science. She is currently Professor, Head of the Department of Electron Devices from the TUB. In the past, she was involved in all microelectronic CAD development work of the Department of Electron devices of TUB (Network and thermal  simulation programs, CELLIB cell library management program, CELLINEX layout extractor program, etc.). Her recent research interests include: Low power design of ICs, On-chip power generation for ambient intelligence applications, Investigation of thermal and electro-thermal effects in microelectronic systems, Measuring and modeling thermal effects in electronic systems, Thermal and electro-thermal simulation of microelectronic systems. In the last 5 years she published more than 150 research papers, authored or co-authored, and delivered more than 60 presentations at international conferences, partly as a result of invitations in Europe, in the USA and Asia. Recent invited talks: SEMITHERM 2005: Thermal issues in stacked die packages, Semitherm symposium, San Jose, CA, USA, March 10-12, 2005, MNI 2004: Structure integrity qualification with thermal transient measurements, Micro- and Nanosystem Integration Workshop, May 18 Switzerland, TMN 2003 : Future of the thermal management needs of the NAVY, Apr. 8-10 2003, Naval Academy Annapolis, USA, etc. In the last 10 years she participated in 12 international research projects. Now she is Chair of the Modelling & Simulation cluster from NoE PATENT (FP6 IST-2002-507255), and participant in other projects, such as: BELAMI German Hungarian research cooperation in Ambient intelligence, TERALED Hungarian USA research cooperation in LED characterization. Member of international organizations (IEEE Computer Society, IHSM, later IMAPS, International Microelectronics and Packaging Society, European Design and Automation Association), she was recipient of the 2001 Harvey Rosten Award of excellence for outstanding work in the field of thermal analysis of electronic equipment, San Jose, California, USA and 2001 DATE design contest award (shared with colleagues) for the best operating research IC design in 2000.

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