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Outstanding Scientific Results

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National Institute of R&D for Technical Physics, IFT Iasi
- Main activities and results in Micro- and Nanoscience

Prof. Dr. Horia CHIRIAC
National Institute of Research and Development for Technical Physics

tel.: +40-232-430680; fax: +40-232-231132

e-mail: hchiriac@phys-iasi.ro

The National Institute of R&D for Technical Physics (NIRDTP) – IFT Iasi is part of the network of national institutes coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Research (MER) - National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS).
Founded in the late 1960s, IFT Iasi is engaged in top-notch basic and applied research in the area of magnetism and magnetic materials. In 2000, the institute raced fellow research entities for the Center of Excellence status and was declared so by MER in recognition of its outstanding results in the research of magnetism, magnetic materials, and their applications.
IFT Iasi conducts RD&I activities along three main directions:

  • fundamental research: new models, new phenomena, and theoretical aspects;
  • applied research: new materials, applications, and R&D equipment;
  • theoretical research: novel technologies for the manufacturing of new materials, devices, and technological equipment; and
  • small–scale manufacturing materials, devices, systems, and equipments for lab research and production activity.

These activities are reflected in those over 500 papers published in prestigious international journals, most of them listed in the ISI database, 4 international patents and 50 national ones, and more than 70 homologated new products and technologies.
The key RD&I activities developed by the Magnetic Materials and Devices Department from IFT Iasi in the field of micro and nanotechnologies, are based mainly on preparation, characterization and applications of advanced materials with specific structures and properties.
The results, published mainly in international scientific journals and communicated at prestigious conferences in the field, are nationally and internationally recognized as top ones:
- magnetic nanowire arrays in Ni-P, Co-P, and Ni-Co-P systems, with amorphous structure, obtained by electrochemical deposition in Al2O3 nanoporous membranes. The magnetization processes and magneto-transport phenomena have been studied in detail, and used to understand the relationship preparation conditions – physical properties in order to design specific applications. The results have been communicated at national and international scientific conferences and workshops (20) and published in ISI scientific journals (6 papers).

SEM images obtained for different types of amorphous nanowires arrays.

- magnetic micro- and nanoparticles (Co-Fe-Si-B, Ni, Co, Ni-Co, Ni-Fe, etc.) for biomedical application, obtained by gas–liquid atomization, chemical reduction and arc discharge methods. The results obtained have been communicated at scientific national and international conferences and workshops (20), and published in scientific ISI journals (5);

SEM images obtained for different types of micro- (top image) and nanoparticles (bottom images)

Most of the research activities in the field of micro and nanomaterials and technologies, developed and performed at MDM Department – IFT Iasi, are included in numerous national (over 20 project in progress) and international (3 projects in partnership in the framework of the Sixth EU Programme for Research and Technological Development, and many other bilateral S&T collaboration projects) research projects, but make also the subject of the collaboration activities involving departments, research institutes, universities and private companies from Romania and abroad, as well as of the micro-scale production facilities developed at IFT Iasi, to produce high-tech products for internal and external markets.
The MDM Department has the research infrastructure for amorphous and nanocrystalline/nanostructured materials preparation and characterization, some of these equipments being unique in Romania and even in Europe.
The research infrastructure from the MDM Department – IFT Iasi will be completed in 2006 with a few new equipments for preparation and complex characterization of advanced materials for multidisciplinary applications, the development and enhancement of the infrastructure being one of the key points of the long-term research strategy at IFT Iasi.

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