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National Centres of Excellence


Centre of Microsystems Design and Technology- COMBAT
Centre of
Excellence, FP 5, EU
Contact person: prof. dr hab. Ryszard JACHOWICZ
Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Electronics Systems
Contact address: Nowowiejska 15/19, 00 - 655 Warsaw
tel.: (+48 22) 6607848; fax: (+48 22) 8252300
e-mail: bugajski@ite.waw.pl

COMBAT is the Centre of Excellence granted by European Union Commission (FP5) at Warsaw University of Technology, based on 7 research groups from 3 different departments.
The Centre activity is focused on design, fabrication, modeling and testing of microsensors,microactuators, microsystems and dedicated signal processing and control.
The members of the Centre are interested in broad co-operation with other laboratories in the subjects listed in Main Activity.

The Centre Leaders:

  • Prof. R. S. Jachowicz, Head of COMBAT and Leader of Sensors Research Group
  • Dr M. Baszun, Leader of Piezo MicrosystemsGroup
  • Prof. R. B. Beck, Leader of Microelectronic andNanoelectronic Devices Technology Group
  • Prof. Z. Brzozka, Leader of Chemical SensorsResearch Group
  • Prof. Z. Drozd, Leader of Division of Precision andElectronics Products Technology
  • Prof. M. Kujawinska, Leader of OpticalEngineering Division
  • Prof. J. Ogrodzki, Leader of Analog ElectronicCircuits Group

Main Activity:

- Silicon sensors – humidity, moisture, pressure

• Thin films and semiconductor sensors, sensors modeling
• Semiconductor dew point detector, hygrometers, medical applications
• Moisture contents in solid, capacitive methods in radio frequency range
• Semiconductor capacitive pressure sensor and FET pressure sensor
• Smart Sensors: ASIC-s, sensors with standard LonWorks network interface, wireless interfaces

- Piezo-microsystems

• Actuators, stack and bimorph type
• Actuators for rotary movements
• SAW sensors, especially SAW chemosensors, SAW biosensors
• SAW remote sensors
• Microsensors based on bulk piezoresonators.

- CAD for microsystems and circuits

• Mathematical modeling of chemical sensors
• Mathematical modeling of mixed-domain systems and microsystems; application of HDLs.
• Numerical methods, algorithms and program development for systems and microsystems
• Computer-aided design
• Developed simulators: OPTIMA, SWITCH,SYMULAK and CAD tools: SCAD, GOSSIP,EXTRA, PRE.

- Microsystems Packaging Technology

• SMT assembly and lead – free soldering
• COB – C&W technology
• Flip Chip technology
• Microsystems packaging reliability

- Microsystems testing and reliability analysis:

• full-field static and dynamic interferometric studies of microsystems
• opto-numerical analysis of MEMS and MOEMS
• design and manufacturing of measurement instrumentation for microsystems.

- Chemical Sensors

• Design of modern analytical systems for environmental monitoring
• Application of miniaturized chemical sensors
• Integrated micro total analysis systems (μTAS)

- Microelectronic and Nanoelectronic Devices

• Modeling of semiconductor devices
• Semiconductor devices manufacturing
• Characterization of materials and semiconductor structures
• Application of non-classical materials of silicon and wide-bandgap materials technology.

We offer:

• Research and industrial cooperation in modeling, design and fabrication of microsystems and microsensors;
• Digital and wireless sensors interferences, microsensors and microsystems packaging;
• Implementation of microsensors and microsystems into medical application, environment protection, industrial application;
• Automated tested of microsystems and microsensors operation, their mechanical parameters and geometrical dimensions, temperature distribution;
• Design of distributed sensors systems
• Courses on microsystems technology for specialist from industry and research laboratories;


5th International Conference NANO 06
"Nanostructured Materials for Functional, Structural and Bio-applications"
Brno, Czech Republic,
November 13-15, 2006.



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