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ECAD Laboratory,
Technical University of Sofia

Head of the Laboratory: Prof. Dr. Marin Hristov
Faculty of Electronic Technologies, Technical University of Sofia
1797 Sofia, BULGARIA

tel.: +359 2 965 3115 ; fax: +359 2 965 2330

e-mail: mhristov@ecad.tu-sofia.bg

The Electronics Computer Aided Design (ECAD) Laboratory was founded with the financial support of the European Community under the TEMPUS SJEP Project 3038. The Laboratory is a national information and training center in the fields of Electronics and Microelectronics design, Open and Distance Learning in Bulgaria.

A substantial amount of scientific research activities, Integrated Circuits and System design, university and industry staff retraining, undergraduate and Ph.D. students education is carried out here.

In its activity the laboratory integrates the experience and knowledge of lecturers, experts and students from the Technical University - Sofia as well as from leading scientific research and manufacturing organisations in the field of Microelectronics in Bulgaria.

The laboratory is a member of several international organisations and consortiums like EUROPRACTICE, MICN etc., the activities of which are connected with the design and manufacturing in Electronics and Microelectronics. Modern software is maintained with their support.

The Laboratory is equipped with SUN workstations, SUN X-Terminals, SUN servers and PCs connected to a network and the Internet.

Unique for Bulgaria software is installed and used successfully for the carrying out of the main activities. Three of the leading Microelectronics software packages in the World - CADENCE (for functional an layout top-down design),

SYNOPSYS (for functional digital circuit design)

and Mentor Graphics are used for training and qualifying of excellent specialists.

Besides, different software packages like Altera, Xilinx, Design Lab, Orcad, CADSTAR, MatLab, etc. are also used.

The main activity of the Laboratory is aimed at the design of ASICs - CMOS and BiCMOS, with the most up-to-date European technologies – AMS 0.8 mm BiCMOS, AMS 0.35mm 3 Metal Si CMOS,  AMS 0.35mm 4 Metal Si CMOS, AMS 0.35mm 3 Metal SiGe BiCMOS, AMS 0.35mm 4 Metal SiGe BiCMOS.

The following ICs were successfully designed and some of them prototyped:

  • 16- and 32-bit multiplier;
  • IC for playing digital sound;
  • Integrated Circuit for Phase Control of Linear-frequency Power Rectifiers;

  • Precise Dual CMOS Operational Amplifier;

  • Digital Circuit for PWM Signals;
  • CAN controller;
  • An EDUCHIP – an educational chip for microelectronics students.

The Laboratory keeps tight contacts with all Bulgarian Microelectronics companies – DMN Technologies, Fab-less, Smartcom, Sky Gate, Melexis, EPIQ, IBM – Bulgaria, AMIS – Bulgaria, The Institute of Microelectronics, etc.

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5th International Conference NANO 06
"Nanostructured Materials for Functional, Structural and Bio-applications"
Brno, Czech Republic,
November 13-15, 2006.




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