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National Centres of Excellence

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Centre of Excellence for Advanced Material Research ant Technologies, Latvia

Contact person: Dr. hab. A.Sternberg
Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia
Contact address: 8 Kengaraga Str., LV-1063 Riga, Latvia

tel.: +371 7187816; fax: +371 7132778
e-mail: ISSP@cfi.lu.lv

Research activities:

- studies of electronic and ionic processes in wide-gap materials with different degree of structural ordering;
- development of new inorganic materials (single crystals, glasses, ceramics, thin films) for optics and electronics;
- vision research, development of new technologies for psycho-physical testing ant primary vision care;
- design and manufacturing of scientific instruments and instruments for analytical tasks and environmental monitoring.

The interdisciplinary nature of research at the ISSP is reflected by its highly qualified staff. At present there are 180 employees working at the Institute, 28 of 87 members of the research staff hold Dr.habil.degrees, 45 hold Dr. or PhD. At the end of 2005 there were 10 PhD students and 46 undergraduate and graduate students in physics and optometry programmes working at the ISSP. Educational activities of the Institute were continued and extended in 2005.

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4M NMS workshop
24 September 2007

Piran, Slovenia
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3-5 October 2007
Borovets, Bulgaria

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