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Activities of Laboratory of Microsensor Structures and ElectronicsLMSE

Coordinator: Prof. dr. Slavko Amon, Head LMSE
Laboratory of Microsensor Structures, Trzaska cesta 25, Ljubljana, Slovenia

tel.:  (+386 1) 4768 303; fax: (+386 1) 4264 630

e-mail: slavko.amon@fe.uni-lj.si

Laboratory of Microsensor Structures and Electronics (LMSE) is involved in research and development of microstructures such as silicon devices, sensors, actuators and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Internal properties and external characteristics of these structures are studied using analytical and computer modelling.

Technologies available in LMSE allow investigations of new processes in the fields of mask design and fabrication, photolithography, diffusion, metallization, depositions, cleaning, thin film processing, etching, micromachining etc. Based on these activities, research and development of various new microstructures such as photo sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, radiation sensors, sensors for nuclear physics, actuators, piezoelectric structures, nanostructures,  various 3D micromechanical structures, MEMS and similar, is going on. Research is supported by advanced measurement equipment and characterisation techniques, aided by process and device modelling.

Research activities are also involved in the field of electronic circuit theory, advanced circuits, their simulations and applications. Harmonic balance is used as a powerful method of analysis for nonlinear dynamic circuits. The team is also engaged with practical solutions in the field of microprocessor based digital electronics. It encompasses the development of appropriate hardware and software for automatic measurements of electronic and telecommunication equipment. Cooperation with manufacturers of professional electronic equipment is as well established.

LMSE is a free university lab, open for any kind of cooperation with other laboratories and industry. LMSE is collaborating with European universities under the framework of international projects sponsored by the EU commission. LMSE has a well established cooperation with leading institutions in the field all over the world.

LMSE offers complete research and development services in the field of microstructures and electronics, from theoretical analysis to fabrication of test structures, devices and circuits, their characterisation and optimisation.



4M NMS workshop
24 September 2007

Piran, Slovenia
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3-5 October 2007
Borovets, Bulgaria

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