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Middle East Technical University Microelectronic Technologies- METU-MET

Coordinator: Tayfun Akin
Bilkent University
06531 Ankara, Turkey

tel.: +90 (312) 210-2301; fax:+90 (312) 210-2304

e-mail: tayfun-akin@metu.edu.tr


METU-MET facilities is a microelectronics fabrication facility for 4" and 6" wafer processing.  It has 1000 sq. meters of class 100 and class 1000 clean room area for fabrication and 300 sq. meters of class 10000 clean room area for electrical testing of IC's and active discrete components.  The factory is constructed under the supervision of VARIOPLAN-Switzerland. The factory is operated by 22 technical personnel and supported by 14 researchers from Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. METU-MET Facilities are currently being used to develop a number of MEMS products for commercial applications. Maximum capacity of the factory is such that 144 wafers can be processed in one shift (8 hours) per day. Considering a 2mmx2mm die production, it is possible to produce 7 million working dies per year with one shift per day (assuming an 85% yield and a 7-mask process). Two or three shifts per day are also possible.


The technology in the factory is suitable for fabrication of various other lineer products (voltage regulators, OpAmps, etc.) and discretes (diodes, power transistors, rectifiers, thyristors, etc.). The factory has know-how packages to fabricate small signal transistors and various Analog/Linear ICs. MEMS components for commercial applications are being developed in areas such as Surface and bulk micromachining, Low cost uncooled infrared detector arrays, RF-MEMS components and Pressure- and humidity sensors.

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4M NMS workshop
24 September 2007

Piran, Slovenia
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3-5 October 2007
Borovets, Bulgaria

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