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Centre of Excellence in Micro and Nano-Photonics, IMT-Bucharest

Contact person: Dr. Dana Cristea
Contact address: National R&D Institute of Microtechnology, IMT-Bucharest
P.O.Box 38-160, Bucharest, Romania

tel.: + 40-21-490.82.12, fax: +40-21-490.82.38
e-mail: danac@imt.ro

The Laboratory of Micro/Nano Photonics is recognized at national level, and funded between 2001 and 2004, as a Centre of Excellence in Micro and Nano - Photonics.

Mission: Research and development activities in the field of micro/nano-photonics and optical MEMS focused on the development of micro/ nano structures based on new materials and processes and photonic integrated circuits based on heterogeneous integration technology; development of materials, technologies and components for optical MEMS.

Main areas of expertise:

- modelling and simulation of micro and nano photonic structures ;
- new materials for micro/nano opto-electro-mechanical systems integration (e.g. compound semiconductors, functional polymer, hybrid organic- inorganic nano-compozites and glasses), and related fabrication processes (including mixed technologies);
- passive and active micro-nano-photonic structures for integrating in MOEMS for bio-medical and environment applications.
- hybrid or monolithic integrated photonic circuits and optical-MEMS (including heterogeneous platforms) for optical communications, interconnects and optical signal processing;
- Optical and electrical characterization of materials and optoelectronic and photonic components.

International co-operation

- Partener in international networks: ASSEMIC - Advanced Handling and Assembly in Microtechnology (2004-2008), EC FP6 - Marie Curie Research Training Network; 4M - Multi-Material Micro Manufacture: Technologies and Applications , NoE FP6 – priority 3, NMP;
- Bilateral co-operation with LAAS-CNRS Toulouse, France, and with University of Athens- Department for Optical Communications, Athens, Greece
- European Projects: Waferbonding and Active Passive Integration Technology and Implementation in Photonics (WAPITI), STREP- FP6, Priority 2 (IST), Thematic area:- Optical, opto-electronic, photonic functional components.

Research team has multidisciplinary expertise and is composed of 5 senior researchers (4 with PhD in optoelectronics, materials for optoelectronics,
microsytems, physics, chemistry), 2 PhD students (with background both in physics and photonics), 1 master student and an early stage researcher from Moldavia and 1 experience researcher from Bulgaria (trained in the frame of ASSEMIC network).

Specific facilities:

Modelling and simulation: Finite-Difference Time- Domain (FDTD) simulation and design software Opti FDTD 6.0, waweguide optics design software OptiBPM 8.1, software for design and modelling of of active devices based on semiconductor heterostructures (Opti-HS); integrated and fiber optical gratings design software (OptiGrating); software for active device simulation (including transport, thermal and optical properties) - LaserMod.
Characterization: spectrophotometers for UV-VISNIR and IR spectral range; spectroscopic ellipsometer for materials characterization; experimental set-up for characterisation in UV-VIS-IR spectral range of optoelectronic and photonic components, circuits.

New: Research and High Resolution Raman Spectrometers LabRAM HR. High resolution confocal Raman microscope, offers unique spectral resolution and sensitivity on a bench-top microscope system.
Applications: microscopy and analysis into semiconductors,
nano-materials, polymers .

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Strategy Forum
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Kraków, 6-7 September  2007   [...details]


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