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Optical Microsystems Laboratory, Koç University

Head of the Laboratory: Hakan Ürey

Faculty of Electric Engineering, Koç University
Rumelifeneri Yolu 34450, Sarıyer, Istanbul, Turkey

tel.: +90-212-338-1474; fax:+90-212-338-1548

e-mail: hurey@ku.edu.tr

Optical Microsystems Laboratory (OML) was established in 2001 at Koç University-Istanbul (Turkey) and focuses on design, testing, and characterization of: MOEM (micro-opto-electro-mechanical) and MEMS devices and systems. OML has a Europractice membership and is presently involved in three FP6-projects. Locally OML is a part of Koç University Optoelectronics Research Center. Externally (http://optoelectronics.ku.edu.tr/). OML has a wide array of sponsors from industry, national government, and EC.

Ongoing research

  • Microscanners for display and imaging systems (funded by Microvision Inc. USA)
  • MEMS spectrometer (in collaboration with Fraunhofer IPMS, Germany)
  • MOEM infrared camera (funded by Aselsan, Turkey)
  • Microlens beam steering for imaging (partially funded by FP6-NEMO)
  • Endoscopic imaging system using microlens scanners (funded by TÜBITAK -Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey)
  • Nanowires as biological sensors (funded by TÜBITAK - Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey)
  • Auto-stereoscopic 3D displays (partially funded by FP6-3DTV

Ongoing FP6-projects

  • EC Framework 6 Project MINOS– EURONET. “Networking in micro-nanosystems in Europe”.
  • EC Framework 6 project Network of Excellence in Micro-Optics (NEMO). A networking platform for micro-optics in Europe with thirty partners.
  • EC Framework 6 Network of Excellence 3DTV. A project for integration of all European research in all technical aspects of Three-Dimensional Television.


  • Test and Design Laboratory: Has Optical, electrical and mechanical characterisation and inspection tools and equipment. Member of Europractice network. List of software in use: CADENCE, ANSYS-Multiphysics, FEMLAB, ZEMAX, MATLAB, SIMULINK, MATHEMATHICA, LabView.
  • Clean room (completed March 2006) so far has MA45 Mask Aligner (Karl Süss), Dektak 8 (Veeco) and resist spinner will give the opportunity to fabricate and characterise MEMS locally. More equipment are to be installed in the very near future.
  • Electroplating lab different metals and alloys are successfully plated for magnetically actuated scanners and other uses.

2D MEMS Scanner

MOEM IR detectors

MEMS FT Spectrometer



Strategy Forum
"Nanoelectronics and Micro- and Nano- Systems Technologies (MNST) for European knowledge-based  economy"

Kraków, 6-7 September  2007   [...details]



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