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Contact address:

Laboratory for Microsystems in biomedical and
environmental applications
National R&D Institute of Microtechnology,
, 126A, Erou Iancu Nicolae street, 077190, Bucharest, ROMANIA

tel.: + 40-21-490.82.12, fax: +40-21-490.82.38

e-mail: cmoldovan@imt.ro

Dr. Carmen MOLDOVAN, the head of the laboratory, is also the Head of the Microtechnology Department within the National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies and Associated Professor at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, University “Politehnica” of Bucharest.
She graduated on Electronics and Telecommunications and she owns a PhD in Microsensors.
She is contact person for IMT in INTEGRAMplus (FP6 project) within EUROPRACTICE. Dr. Moldovan is the vice-coordinator of the FP 6 SSA “Micro and Nanotechnologies going to Eastern Europe through Networking (MINAEAST-NET)” and “ROManian Inventory and NETworking for Integration in ERA (ROMNET-ERA)”. She is involved in the 4M NoE (NMP), working on demonstrators, in Ceramic cluster, having the goal to integrate a non-standard micromachining processes to a ceramic substrate and in the Sensors and Actuators cluster, in the PATENT-DfMM NoE (IST), in INTEGRAMplus IP (IST), dealing with technology convergence and integration and virtual design and manufacturing and TOXICHIP STREP (IST), as responsible for the development of temperature and pH sensors.
She is a member of: IEEE and Science and Technology Commission of the Romanian Academy and NEXUSPLUS and BRIDGE subcontractor (and also a member of the NEXUSPLUS Steering Committee). The scientific activity is published in more than 55 papers in journals, books and communications in Proceedings.

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Strategy Forum
"Nanoelectronics and Micro- and Nano- Systems Technologies (MNST) for European knowledge-based  economy"

Kraków, 6-7 September  2007   [...details]



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